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Rambling Rows Jacket

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A mere two months after casting on, I’ve finished the Rambling Rows Jacket. It does fit, even the sleeves! (Although that might change when I give it its first real wash, not just a blocking. But let’s not think about that right now.)

While its cousin, the Rambling Rows Afghan, is more intricate, the jacket is more practical: I’m more likely to put on a sweater when I’m chilly than to drag out an afghan with ambitions of becoming a blanket. Still, I kind of missed the jigsaw puzzle feel of the afghan. It had three sizes of blocks that all fitted neatly into each other, eventually creating a giant rectangle. The jacket only uses a large square throughout. But then, fitting the human form is a little more challenging than just making a flat piece.

Rambling Rows Jacket

By the way, for all that a garter stitch jacket looks like a great project for beginning knitters seeking to make the transition from scarves and dishcloths to sweaters, I can’t recommend this pattern for newbies. There were just way too many times I had to rely on experience to carry me across gaps of assumed knowledge in the pattern.

I am now battling the familiar craving to start a new project. I’d really like to finish something else, though (anything else, at this point!). If you ignore a UFO long enough, does it feel like a new project when you return to it?

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