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Schrödinger’s sweater

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The combination of Wanna Start Something Urge and Wanna Finish Something Urge has motivated me to unearth a UFO. I’m working again on Sally’s Favorite Summer Sweater, which I let lapse at the end of last summer. I was only an inch or so away from the end of the sleeves, but I was also only yards away from the end of my last hank of yarn. I’m still not sure how that happened. I had 7 skeins/1435 yards of Classic Elite’s Provence in a lovely shade of pink called Bermuda Sand. The SFSS pattern only calls for 1300 yards for my size. If we add into this the fact that I was shortening both the body and the sleeves a bit, shouldn’t I have had leftovers?

Hank of pink yarn and a bit of garter stitch

So anyway, I could see the end was nigh, but I’d waited too long after buying the yarn to start the project. By the time I realized the danger, my LYS had dropped Provence, and Classic Elite had dropped Bermuda Sand. So I turned the SFSS into a “Schrödinger’s sweater.” I figured, until I knitted those last rows, the remaining yarn was neither insufficient nor sufficient. I could postpone the agony of an unfinishable sweater indefinitely, as long as I was willing to make it an UFO (there is a great difference emotionally between an UnFinished Object and an UnFinishable Object).

Time has a toughening effect. Braced by nearly a year of not seeing the sweater in question, I plunged back into knitting the sweater yesterday. At least with the SFSS, three-quarters sleeves will do just fine. And it looks like I’m saved by having short arms and being willing to press the heck out of the sweater (you iron parts of it, including the sleeves, to get a mesh effect). It should be wearable—we shall see…


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