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Not only did I pick up the instructions to the Beadstrology necklace, I got the instructions for the bookmark as well. Now I’m not sure how practical this bookmark will be, since its “tassel” is longer and heavier than the bookmark itself, but it was fun to make. Maybe I can use it as decoration if nothing else. I am resisting making the Goddesses bracelet. (For the curious, that’s a bracelet featuring beads for the prominent asteroids in your chart—named for Roman goddesses—rather than the planets which are mostly named after gods.)

Unlike the necklace, the bookmark runs straight from the first house through the twelfth. With the bookmark part basically taking the place of the Ascendant, there’s no bead for it. The bookmark starts with Venus, the only planet in my first house, and runs from there.

Beadstrology bookmark

The stones are almost the same as for the necklace. The difference is that Pluto is made out of hyperstein, since I had no other zebra jade beads that dark. It’s a little difficult to see the charm at the end of the bookmark because of the way it’s angled, but it’s the glyph for Capricorn.


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