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Twinkle, twinkle

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This is the troublemaker. Meet the Ice Cube Bracelet, the kit that got me into all this trouble in the first place. See, while it’s kit #2 in terms of being assembled, it’s the first one that caught my eye at the bead store. I credit this to the fact that it sparkles. The bead store had artfully arranged the display model so that bright lights would hit it just right, and there it was: a twinkling rainbow reaching out to grab my attention. (Put it in sunlight, and the effect is not unlike a disco ball). My inner magpie just had to have it. Even so, I resisted acquiring it for a while, since I thought that it might look a bit too formal to go with my casual-to-the-point-of-unnoticeable wardrobe, and what’s the point of making a piece of jewelry that never gets worn? (I’m already having that problem with Sally’s Favorite Summer Sweater—aargh!). But now that I’m actually wearing it, I see that plain clothing just gives it a quiet background to sparkle against and that it probably will get out of the jewelry box more than once.

Ice Cube bracelet

Oh, and I’ve increased my vocabulary. The black beads are in a shape called “bicone” (and the colored beads are “cubes,” but yes, I did know that term already). Now is there any other aspect of my life in which I’ll be able to use this new word? It’s not just craft: it’s educational!

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