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State Fair 2010

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(Well, if you can’t brag in your very own blog, where can you brag?)

Sally’s Favorite Summer Sweater and the Rambling Rows Jacket have done me proud at the Minnesota State Fair this year. The SFSS took third place in the “Adult sweater, plain pullover” category, while the Rambling Rows Jacket placed fourth in “Adult sweater, plain cardigan.”

Pink sweater with ribbon hanging in state fair display case

Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater


Jacket with ribbon in state fair display case

Rambling Rows Jacket

Kudos again to whoever it is who arranges all the knitted goods in the display cases, because despite the sheer amount of stuff, most of it was visible. But it seems like someday the Fair is either going to have to expand the Creative Activities building or start limiting the entries the way they do for the Fine Arts building. I suppose it’s not as sexy a project as remodeling the Grandstand or the International Bazaar, much less re-creating the Miracle of Birth barn.

Anyway, there they are. Maybe I’ll try more complicated projects next year.


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