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The endless beginning

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I am now starting the front of the Basket Stitch Sampler for what I think is the third time. This sort of thing kills the allure of any project. My first attempt died when I realized—after knitting 6 inches—that the pattern stitch wasn’t centered. The designer apparently didn’t understand that the pattern stitch wasn’t a multiple of 12 stitches; it was a multiple of 12 plus 1. Oops.

Rip, rip, rip. Add one more stitch to cast-on and begin again.

I haven’t frogged the second attempt yet. I’m going to need to build up emotional strength before I can. In addition to the one stitch added at the start, I had to add two more stitches in addition to the two stitches the designer called for when I hit the six-inch mark in order to keep that pattern stitch balanced. So there I am, with three more stitches than called for…and the front is almost two inches narrower than it’s supposed to be.

Hey, I did work a gauge swatch for this sweater, and washed it and blocked it and everything. But with this sweater, every part features a different basketweave stitch, and the stitch I knitted the swatch in was the one for the back. In my defense, let me just say that when I made this sweater in 2003, I was knitting all stitches at the right gauges on the same needles.

So today I went up a needle size and started the front still yet again. I altered the placement of the pattern stitch again, subtracting one stitch from the cast-on instead of adding it, which will, oddly enough, also center the pattern (is there such a thing as a multiple of 12 – 1 pattern?). And the suspense builds, while I wait to see how wide it will be when there’s enough of it to measure.

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