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Overcoming tiny challenges

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Overall, I’m really having fun putting these bead kits together. I almost never knit or crochet from kits, but it’s different for beading somehow (probably has something to do with the fact that compared to my knitting/crocheting experience, I’m a beading novice). But there’s this one little problem with the bead kits: more often than not, a bead is missing or deformed or something. I understand that the bead store employees are probably putting these together by hand and I’m sure they blur after a while, but I seem to have an uncanny talent for buying the one kit out of several available in which all is not as it should be. And being a beading novice, it throws me, whereas when something goes wrong in knitting, I have enough experience to work my way past it.

Well, I worked my way past this kit’s problem, although it was less my growing experience and more my growing stash of leftover findings that saved me. The Charmed Life necklace kit is supposed to include two small jump rings, one medium jump ring, and one large jump ring, among other things. My particular kit had one small ring, two medium rings, and no large ring whatsoever. I was able to substitute a medium ring for the missing small ring—since all the charms pile on top of each other, that change won’t be noticeable. And thanks to now having done several projects, I actually have some jump rings in my supplies, one of which I was able to substitute in (barely, because it was almost too big) for the large ring.

And so I present the Charmed Life necklace. It comes in several colorways (do beaders say “colorways”?), but I fell for the purple one. I think the large teardrop bead and the round bead are both amethysts. I know nothing more about the little sparkly crystal than that it’s a little sparkly crystal. And as for what the kit calls a “bezel set crystal,” I can’t tell if it’s also a semi-precious stone, or just a bit of dark purple glass. I think the silver feather makes a nice contrast to all these beads and I hope it doesn’t end up hidden by the teardrop bead all the time. The teardrop worries me a bit. The silver bail you top it with had tiny teeth and I hope they’re strong enough to hold it through normal wear and tear. I mean, you pinch the bail onto the bead with your fingers: that doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. But right now it’s intact and I’m waiting for the kind of weather where I wear plain sweaters, so that I can try this necklace for real.

Charmed Life necklace

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