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She swallowed the spider to catch the fly

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About two years ago, I picked up a couple of balls of Melody Superwash as souvenir yarn from a day trip to Galena, Illinois. Mostly I was swayed by the pretty colors. I’m sure it would make a lovely pair of socks, but I’m not an enthusiastic knitter of socks, and so the yarn took up residence in my stash and showed no signs of turning into anything. Of course I hadn’t done anything sensible like buy enough yarn to make something I would actually enjoy knitting.

Melody Superwash yarn (2 balls)

In the last year or so, I’ve started noticing scarf patterns for sale, calling for two balls of Melody Superwash. My initial excitement faded when I realized that I just didn’t care all that much for those patterns. Or rather, I didn’t care for what the scarf would look like when knitted in the yarn I had on hand. I’d bought a pastel rainbow colorway, and somehow, just picturing a lacy scarf with rainbow stripes running across it wasn’t doing it for me. And back to waiting I went.

Well, I’ve made a commitment. I learned about the Hidden Squares scarf (shawl? wrap? it’s 18″ x 70″), a modular pattern that uses Melody in a sort of patchwork effect. So, no rainbow stripes stretching across the finished product—yay! I’ve bought the pattern plus the rest of the yarn that it calls for (two balls each of three more colors). In other words, I’ve gone and bought six new balls of yarn in order to use up two older balls.


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