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The need for diversion

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There’s nothing like starting the front of a single sweater four times to make you a little sick of it. And between that and probably needing to reknit much of the Plaid Texture pullover and not making much progress on the Slip-Into-Color pullover either, I was feeling a mite frustrated toward all things sweater-y. So I knitted a smoke ring.

It’s not so much that I had a burning desire to knit a smoke ring, but I finally had a pattern that would let me play with Mini Mochi. I’ve admired the yarn for a while, but it seemed intended as sock yarn. Not only do I not knit a lot of socks, but I didn’t think this would be a great yarn for socks. I mean, yeah, it’s 20% nylon, and I understand nylon is supposed to add strength. But that other 80% is merino wool in singles form, all soft and plush (inasmuch as a fingering weight yarn can be plush) and looking as if it would pill and shred the first time you wore the socks. So I restrained myself to just petting it when I visited it at the yarn shop. And then a friend showed off her smoke ring and said that it had taken only one ball of Mini Mochi. I hadn’t been thinking to start the project right away, but then I needed something portable, I was sick of the sweaters, and one thing led to another.

pink smoke ring

It’s wonderfully soft, and warmer than it looks. I think I’ll try another one, in a different colorway, and try another pattern stitch, just for some variety. The pattern said to work until it was 12″ long. That seemed awfully skimpy, though. Unlike my friend, I’d needed to use a second ball anyway (and by the way, keeping Mini Mochi in a color sequence is a bit of a pain), so I just kept knitting until the colors were at a better stopping point, which made the finished smoke ring closer to 15″ long.


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