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The last kit of summer

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As the year winds down, I’m finishing off the beading projects. This is the last of the beading kits I bought this summer, the Rock Fall Necklace. It was pretty simple to assemble, making it a great project for filling in a bit of the time before Thanksgiving really got going.

Rock Fall necklace

As usual, the instructions didn’t name the stones involved, so I got to play Guess the Crystal again. I think the white, flat bead on the left is mother-of-pearl and I’m certain the teardrop-shaped one in the center is rose quartz. That leaves the round bead on the right, and I have no clue as to what it might be. I get why the instructions never list the stones, since the same instructions are used for a variety of colorways which use different stones, but it’s still a mite frustrating.

Anyway, assembling the necklace was quick, especially as this time I had all the parts promised. After working my way through the Palisades Necklace, I’ve had plenty of practice twisting eyepins into loops, and that went much better this time—the loops were round when I finished, not strangely flattened ovals! Use jump rings to connect the beads to the bigger ring, string a leather cord through the ring, slide a bead down to decorate the knot and add fasteners to the cord. Now I just need to let the necklace hang for a bit to get the kinks out of the leather cord (the beads and all are so light that their weight alone isn’t instantly pulling the leather straight).

Okay, the bead store now has an entire winter to come up with new bead kits that I’d like to make. [drums fingers] You’re working on this, people, right? Right?

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