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Well, I can see one problem with blogging about craft projects: if you finish the project but don’t get a chance to write about it right away, it gets harder to remember to do so. You might think that just seeing your finished project would remind you, but you get used to it and the sight stops acting as a trigger.

Pastel Multidirectional scarf

Multidirectional Scarf

So, belatedly, I present to you a Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. I finished it on December 5, but between one thing and another (I mostly blame school and finals for this), I’m only now getting around to writing it up. The yarn is Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace in the colorway Babyface.

Mini Mochi (Babyface)

Mini Mochi. Yes, they're from the same dye lot. Or should that be, yes, they're from the same colorway?

I made that scarf from three skeins of the same dye lot, bought from the same store on the same day. But as you can see from the picture of the yarn itself, it really does look like different dye lots, possibly even different colorways. Nor am I the only person who’s run into this problem. In poking around on Ravelry to see other projects in Babyface, I eventually followed a trail to this blog post by Eskimimi in which she details more or less the exact same situation. I didn’t have this problem with the Berry Compote colorway that I knitted the smoke ring from, so perhaps the problem only exists with Babyface. I’m also hoping it only exists in Mini Mochi, because I have four balls of Mochi Plus (the worsted weight version) in Babyface as well. (I love pastels. Can you tell?) Luckily, since a scarf ends up all wrapped up and most of it hidden inside my coat, the color problem isn’t really much of a problem in real life.

Color matching aside, I enjoyed knitting this scarf. I’ve made the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf three times now, although my two previous attempts eventually ended up being donated to charity. Nice scarves, both of them, and I can’t even remember why I didn’t hang on to one of them. The other was one of those “what was I thinking?” projects—I ended up making a lovely scarf in colors that I can’t wear well. I hope to want to hang onto this scarf for years to come.

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