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This has not been a month of vast knitting progress. Of course, if I commit to a project the size of an afghan, even a small afghan, this really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. And I’m back in school, and I’m caught in a proficiency exam, and I’ve been distracted by several non-knitting projects, and yes, after a while, there just isn’t much time for knitting. Even so, I do fit in a few rows every now and then.

Mitered Afghan squareThis is one motif for my current project. At this writing, I’m about a third of the way through the afghan, but haven’t felt like taking a more up-to-date photo of the project. Just imagine it surrounded by 178 siblings and you’ll get the idea. The yarn is Boku, one of the variegated yarns, so some of those other motifs are in completely different colors. By this point, the fraction of the afghan is big enough to keep the tops of my legs warm while knitting on it, which is good given that it’s still chilly at this time of year.

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