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Mega baby blanket


Despite never being sure what my gauge was, despite not having the right crochet hook on hand, and despite having to rip the entire afghan out when I was only four rounds from the end and start over, I have finished the Peaceful Pastels Afghan:

Peaceful Pastels afghan

I love how the colors blend together. You start with seven “pure” colors: white, yellow, peach, pink, lavender, blue, and green. Holding two strands together throughout, you blend the colors by working rounds of two different colors in between the rounds of two strands of the same color.

I’d been admiring this kit for about four years before I finally broke down and bought it this spring. I kept telling myself that I had no need for a baby blanket. But I couldn’t forget the colors, and every time a new Mary Maxim catalog came, I found myself quickly skimming through the baby section to look at the photo again and reassure myself they hadn’t discontinued it. After a while, it did sink it that maybe I should just make the afghan and stop obsessing over it.

I was also hesitant to take on this project because of the yarn. I’d been able to touch it in local stores, and it felt more artificial than many unnatural fibers do. I’ve also learned it’s not all that much fun to work with. It split constantly, even though the 8.00 mm crochet hook I finally ended up using could hardly be described as sharp. Now that it’s done, it snags on the band to my wristwatch. On the bright side, the colors really do blend nicely, it survived its first trip through the washer and dryer without incident, and the slightly bouclé texture does an excellent job of hiding those little snags.

This pattern does make a baby blanket to be taken seriously. Although the stated diameter on the pattern is 50″, mine comes in at 52″. Since those two strands of yarn you use are each DK-weight, the finished afghan is thick and doesn’t have as much drape as many baby blankets do. But since I’m planning on using this as an adult blanket on the couch, it’s probably good that it’s not all that delicate.


2 thoughts on “Mega baby blanket

  1. Can I officially request one of these for Caro?? It’s gorgeous!


  2. Thank you! And it is—and I’m not saying that because of my crocheting skill but because of the design of the afghan itself. But then, I like pastels and I like a full spectrum of colors, so this is a double whammy of putting them together.


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