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Purple and blue

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I didn’t finish any major projects this month, just a couple of fun little things. And it’s sheer coincidence that they have similar colorways. Well, okay, there’s lots of yarn in my collection in a comparatively few colors, so maybe “coincidence” isn’t the best word for it.

First up is the Thaw Shawlette. This was my introduction to the entire concept of shawlettes, which occupy the gray zone between scarves and full-grown shawls. I don’t tend to wear either scarves or shawls indoors much, but I was caught by this one, which is mostly an unadorned stockinette stitch designed not to distract from the color patterns of hand-painted yarns. I love many of the sock yarns, but I’m not that interested in knitting socks, so I figured this would give me a chance to play with some. It was pretty easy and mostly tried my patience for long rows. You start by casting on 200 stitches, but by the end, your rows are 629 stitches long! I made this one in Knit Picks’ Imagination and the colorway is Arabian Nights.

Thaw ShawletteThaw Shawlette (flat)

I’m sorely tempted to make another one, even though I’ve only worn this one once so far (but it got several compliments and it really did help me stay warm at work). If I do, I’m going to drop down a needle size: Imagination stretched more than I thought it would when I blocked it. I also plan to try the chained cast on. The designer warns you to use a firm cast on and I agree. You’re going to be pulling against it when you block it and it needs to be able to put up a fight. I used the cable cast on for this one, which I’ve always been told is a firm cast on. Not firm enough for this project. So, chained it is, or may be. If I do another one. Which I haven’t decided to yet.

This is what gets me in trouble, you know: wanting to make a second version of something just so that I can test my proposed improvements.

My other project of the month is the Café Couture cup sleeve. My knitting group has taken to meeting at Starbucks. I’m feeling guilty about the number of paper cups I’m going through, and while I’m not ready to bring my own cup yet, I figured a cup sleeve would be a start. Besides, I can’t make my own cup; I can crochet a cup sleeve—the creative opportunity was a selling point. I used 100% mercerized cotton, so I should be able to wash it easily if something dribbles on it. The yarn is Patons’ Grace. The colorway is Lavender in English and Lavande in French, which I think is more fun to say. And having tested the cup sleeve last night, I can assure you it does a much better job of protecting my fingers than a thin slip of corrugated cardboard does.

cup sleeve

One thought on “Purple and blue

  1. Such beautiful projects! Love the colors in both of them.


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