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Most of the time, I am a knitter who knits for herself. I miss getting feedback with charitable knitting. When I knit for myself, I know how I feel about the finished product. When I knit something for someone I know, I get to see their reaction to it. But when I knit for a good cause, I never really know what becomes of my knitting. It’s like tossing it into an abyss, and the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing I’ve done good in the world has never been quite enough to make up for that. I end up donating money to charitable organizations and keep my knitting for myself.

Well, I am finally doing a bit of knitting for others. A professional librarians organization I belong to has several members who knit. This fall, they’ve decided to knit winter hats for charity—they’re donating them to Hats for the Homeless—with a goal of having 15 hats by December 1. I’ve been interested in joining them before this, but it’s never worked out. But last week they decided to meet at a yarn store not that far from my home. Given this rare opportunity to both knit and do some networking, I decided to go. And in keeping with the spirit of the gathering, I decided to add a hat to their collection.

Thus my third Canadian-Winter Hat was born. I’d enjoyed making one successfully for myself and figured that it would make a good charity project because it’s easy (now that I know what I’m doing), economical (it takes just one skein of Lambs Pride Bulky), and the hat really is thick and warm (excellent for our nasty northern winters). Plus I finally had an excuse to knit something in “Prairie Goldenrod,” a Lambs Pride colorway I’ve adored for years, but which I really can’t carry off with my coloring.

Canadian-Winter hat (yellow)

Canadian-Winter Hat

The gathering was small—6 people besides me—but fun. I now have faces to go with some of the names I’ve seen in emails and the newsletter. They were organized enough to have tea and cookies: quite the civilized affair. And of course networking is much easier when you can talk about a subject you’re all interested in (knitting, that is—very little was said about librarianship!). The only part that didn’t work out was that I didn’t have time to explore the yarn store itself in any depth. But while there were a number of finished hats and several on our needles, the total was still noticeably less than 15. Oh dear. I mean, I’m sure other people out there are knitting winter hats for donation, and people will also buy hats from stores to give away, but it seemed sad that this group might not be able to make even this modest a goal.

And so I’m planning to add a bit more to the hat collection, although I admit that my motives are not entirely generous. For one thing, now that I’ve got my Prairie Goldenrod obsession stilled for a bit, there are other Lambs Pride colorways just begging to be knitted, and the Canadian-Winter Hat does a great job of showing them off. This hat is also good for near-instant gratification, since I can whip one up in about 3 days. Plus, it’s a wonderful excuse to procrastinate working on the really boring sleeve of my current sweater project. So I went off to my LYS this weekend to pick up a few more skeins and we’ll see what I can pull off by December 1. I’ll probably end up being known as the woman who never actually does anything library-related with the organization, but who will send them knitting every now and then.


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