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Hats galore

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have now successfully performed charitable knitting multiple times. I will never know how well these hats work for their recipients, so I’m focusing on what I can know, namely, how all these various Lambs Pride colorways played out. Prairie Goldenrod is still my favorite of the colorways, but I discovered some other ones I liked as well. I was surprised to discover I really liked Cafe au Lait. Usually I think of brown as a fairly boring color and I chose it for a hat mostly in case someone really wanted a hat that didn’t call attention to itself. I’ve now decided that it isn’t boring, it’s subtle, and I get along with subtle just fine. Meanwhile, Royal Purple Flutter was just fun to play with, and I hope whoever gets that hat gets as much pleasure wearing it as I did seeing it come together. On the other hand, while I found Ocean Waves to be attractive, I could barely see its shading until I’d finished the hat. Silver Streaks at Nite was another practically monotone hat. But then, this was one of my “compromise” hats. Hats for the Homeless said that men prefer plain hats. I couldn’t bring myself to knit a 100% plain hat, so I chose this yarn, hoping that it would have enough variegation to keep me interested and yet still be within a man’s comfort range. Although again, I won’t know.

Canadian-Winter Hats

Clockwise from top: Prairie Goldenrod, Cafe au Lait, Royal Purple Flutter, Dreamy Nite, Wine Splash, Ocean Waves, Silver Streaks at Nite (center).

So there they are, in all their glory. The pattern had optional tassels, which I tried out on a couple of the hats. It made a change from just tying off the last eight stitches. You can’t tell from the photo, but in real life, the tassels are sewn down a bit so that they’ll fall to the back of the hat and not dangle in the wearer’s eyes. And even after all these hats, one after another, I’m thinking about making another one for myself. Wow.


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