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I’ve finished a sweater. This comes as a relief, because I started it back in 2008, and for no good reason let it drift in and out of my awareness until I finally finished it up last spring. And then it took a while to get around to getting a picture taken, and where’s the fun of posting without a picture? This is the Slip-into-Color Pullover from Sally Melville’s book The Knitting Experience: Color.

Slip-into-Color Pullover

Slip-into-Color Pullover

I admire the design. It starts out as a more-or-less standard drop-sleeve pullover. The pattern stitch is half-linen stitch, but taken in an uncommon direction. First, you use two colors: a solid yarn and a self-striping yarn. You also use the normal wrong side of the piece as the right side. I like the look, and as you can see, I went with it. But the usual right side of half-linen stitch is pretty as well—it’s the usual right side for a reason—and even as I was knitting my way through the pattern, I kept thinking that maybe I should just use the stitch that way instead, even if it meant ripping out much of the sweater.  Of course, the the further along I got in the sweater, the less attractive that option became. By the way, it’s presented in the book as a man’s sweater. The only change I made in that regard was to knit it in pink.

Slip-Into-Color Pullover stitch detail

Detail of the pattern stitch

The construction of the sweater is also unusual. Melville designed the front and back panels  to be smaller than needed. You then bridge the gap with a garter stitch edging knitted in the solid-colored yarn. I figure this is great if you don’t quite knit to gauge, because if the sweater is a little too large or small, you can add or subtract a few rows from those garter stitch borders.

Now, just waiting for a great day to debut it . . .

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