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Thaw Shawlette II

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Knit Picks Imagination: Unicorn

Imagination (Unicorn) in the hank

Yes, yes, yes, I’ve already knitted a Thaw Shawlette. It was blue and purple—the “Arabian Nights” colorway for Knit Picks’ Imagination sock yarn—and worked out pretty decently, but I had ideas about things I would do differently a second time around. I couldn’t resist. This second shawlette is in the “Unicorn” colorway. Unicorn is pink, purple, and aqua splashed onto a light yellow yarn, and I almost returned the yarn to Knit Picks because I just didn’t take to it when I saw it in real life. I’m not sure why: I liked all the colors individually and I’d liked the picture of Unicorn on Knit Picks’ site, but it just seemed a bit much when I had the skeins themselves in my hands. That said, I ended up knitting the shawlette anyway. The short explanation is that I found it easier to throw myself into a knitting project rather than get my act together enough to pack up two hanks of yarn and drop them in the mail. But I’m glad I did so, because it turned out that I liked this colorway knitted up. It pays to look up finished items made in Unicorn on Ravelry and see what they look like.

Thaw Shawlette (Unicorn)

The shawlette, laid out flat . . .

I did try out my proposed changes. I went down a needle size to tighten up the fabric. I also used a chained cast on, the least stretchy cast on I know, to give me a firmer edge to pull against when I blocked it. (This is often called the provisional cast on because you can pull it out later if you do it in a different yarn than your project, but it’s hardly provisional if you’re planning to make it permanent.) The tighter cast-on was definitely an improvement: it was much easier to pull the shawlette out into those points. But I can’t decide if the tighter gauge improved things or not. While it was more pleasant to knit, the fabric seems more strained now that it’s been blocked. Also, because these sorts of things interest me, I kept a better count of the stitches this time. I cast on 200 stitches and I eventually bound off 785 stitches—not 629 stitches, like I thought the final count was last time. (Okay, now would I have tackled this again if I’d known how many stitches were really involved? Yeah, probably. But I’ll tell myself I might not have.)

Thaw Shawlette - 3

. . . and in use.

Oh, and yes, it works as an accessory, not just as a subject for cast on and blocking experiments!


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