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Aran Wrap Cardigan: the upper body


As promised, a photo of the upper body of the Aran Wrap Cardigan.

partial sweater

I picked up the stitches for the left sleeve this evening. The picking-up went smoothly enough, but the next few rows (yes, rows) are proving to be a bit tricky. They’re short rows. Only after reading four paragraphs of additional clarification from the designer that she posted on Ravelry did I finally realize that each row is longer than the row before it—pretty much the opposite of what I’m used to with short rows. Clever.

4 thoughts on “Aran Wrap Cardigan: the upper body

  1. Thanks for the photo – it looks wonderful!

    I also appreciate the info on the short rows, since I may be putting it back on my queue…


  2. If you do, bookmark the pattern’s Ravelry page. Not only will you be using it as I have been, to show people what it is you’re working on, but then you’ll be able to find those 4 paragraphs easily when you need them.

    Oh, and if you decide to knit this, there are a few other things I can tell you about this pattern that were only learned through experience [sighs].


  3. Ooooh, gorgeous! I’m sorry I missed my chance to see it in person on Friday. (A last-minute Guthrie Theater switch meant I was laughing out loud to Noel Coward instead of sedately sticking to my knitting.)


    • Oh, trust me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see it as it comes along. I will be inching my way through this first sleeve as I try to reconcile the instructions in the directions with the clarifications the designer added on Ravelry and the errata she put on her blog. And laughing out loud to Noel Coward sounds like a great way to spend an evening.


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