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The scarf that was just passing through


When I won that ball of Chroma Fingering at the knitting retreat back in March, while it wasn’t a colorway I would have chosen for myself, I still wanted to use it right away. With nothing in my queue that really seemed right for this yarn, I went hunting. I chose the Sonoma Valley Scarf pattern because:

  1. it only takes one ball of Chroma Fingering,
  2. it uses an openwork pattern stitch, which I thought might “dilute” the yarn colors by letting whatever I was wearing show through, and
  3. although fairly simple, it has a clever twist in its construction, which interested me.

And so I went forth and knitted, and after a false start (oops—need to start with the other end of the yarn in order to maintain a smooth color sequence), I produced a scarf, as expected.

Sonoma Valley Scarf

The scarf, flat…

Unfortunately, while Reasons #1 and #3  were good, Reason #2 didn’t pan out. Yellow lace draped over a cream-colored sweater is still yellow, and I still don’t like it next to my face. And no, yellowish-green doesn’t go with anything in my wardrobe, no matter how much I might wish it would. My first instinct was to hang onto the scarf anyway simply because I made it. This made no sense. I wasn’t going to look any better wearing it in the future, nor was I going to acquire a wardrobe that would go with it, so keeping it around would simply have led to my feeling guilty every time I saw it (“You went to all the trouble of knitting this—you really should wear it sometime”).

Reason finally prevailed. I decided to give it to Suncat, who can carry off yellow and yellowish-green much better than I can. But when it came time to take photos (did you think I was going to take pictures of myself in it? ha!), what E. was wearing looked far more suitable under the scarf than what Suncat was wearing, and between one thing and another, E. ended up with it. I think it looks far better on either of them than it ever did on me, and I’m delighted that it’s found a home where it’s likely to actually be worn.

Sonoma Valley Scarf front

…and modeled.

Now to go knit something in a colorway that I want to wear…

2 thoughts on “The scarf that was just passing through

  1. It’s lovely…and I’ll probably put it in my queue (altho the queue is getting to be unmanageably long).


    • Thank you. I may make another one in a different colorway, but then again, there are so many other nice patterns out there that I may never get back to this one. Aargh. But I’m happy to have done my part to make your queue unmanageable.


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