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Post of the purple cowl


This was not a project done out of a yearning to add a purple cowl to my wardrobe. I knitted this cowl out of curiosity—curiosity about the yarn, that is, not the pattern. The yarn in question is Magical, from Red Heart’s (yes, Red Heart!) Boutique line, and the colorway is Fortune Teller. I thought a friend of mine had made something in Magical and when I saw it, it intrigued me enough to pick up a couple of balls, along with one of Red Heart’s free patterns to try it out on.*

Magical’s claim to fame is that the yarn not only changes color every few yards, but changes texture as well. It went through purple matte finish, purple boucle, multicolor mohair, and even occasional stretches of purple metallic. Normally I don’t care much for metallic yarn, but I thought it worked out well here, since Red Heart used it with restraint. It’s just a little glint here and there, often hidden by the mohair. The yarn is mainly acrylic with some wool and metallic polyester, but it works. It’s soft, except for the metallic bits (another good reason to add them sparingly), and the cowl is much lighter than I expected. The only real conflict I had was the accent colors in the mohair yarn. Of the two balls I used, one only used pinks and grays, except for a bit of bright coral, but the other ball used all those, plus…tan. Huh? Yes, they were the same dye lot. I probably need to track down Changes: clearly I am too fond of monochrome color schemes to truly enjoy this yarn.

The cowl itself? All that light, soft acrylic makes it comfortable to wear, but I find the size awkward: too long, even when looped once around my neck, but too short to easily loop a second time, and so thick when doubled and tripled that I won’t be able to zip a coat up around it. There’s a pattern stitch in there somewhere, but the yarn almost completely obscures it. So I’m not sure whether I’ll ever wear it, but it was a good practice piece for the yarn.


*But I was mistaken. She says the yarn she used was all one color. Maybe it was Changes, also from Red Heart Boutique.

7 thoughts on “Post of the purple cowl

  1. Is that the herringbone stitch? That makes a very thick fabric. I like the colors of yours and the way it looks like every other round is black — that really sets off the colors well 🙂


    • It isn’t herringbone. It’s a zigzag stitch which is a variant of the stitch you used on your Montego Bay scarf and I used on the Sonoma Valley scarf. For the zigzag, you switch directions every six rows. I think it would be very impressive in a yarn that set it off better.

      I do like the proportions of the colors, and how the purple bits frame the mohair. While the length of the cowl makes it odd to wear, it makes the stripes a pleasing width. Some of the other patterns for this yarn end up with very thick stripes in each texture, and I just didn’t like that look.


  2. Hi there. I am knitting this pattern and am new to knitting. At the very end of the pattern it says:
    Sew or slip st last row to first row to form a ring. Weave in
    This is knit in the round so therefore joined already in a ring. Wouldn’t you only have to weave in ends where you start and where you finish? Do they want you to make this a tube attaching your first round to your last round? I would appreciate any help you can give.
    Also, does it really measure 60″ in diameter when complete (provided you have your tension right?).


    • Hello, and welcome to knitting! 😀

      Okay, I couldn’t make any more sense out of those finishing instructions than you could. Yes, you’re right: you’ve been knitting in the round, so you already have a ring. And if you were to attach your first round to your last round, you would get a tube, one that’s about half the length (height?) of what you’ve knitted. But why would you want a tube? And looking at the photo that’s on the pattern, that’s no tube. So I ignored that bit, and all I did was weave in my ends. But since you’ve mentioned it, I’m looking at that photo on the pattern again. The cowl the model is wearing looks like it’s twice as long (tall?) as my cowl, even though the stripes are no thicker. I have no idea how you are supposed to get the cowl that model is wearing from the instructions in that pattern. And judging from the other projects on Ravelry, no one else has figured it out either.

      No, no, it doesn’t measure 60″ in diameter. More like 30″. I can’t tell for sure, since after I wrote this post, I gave my cowl to a friend, so I don’t have it here to measure. But I think the dimensions on the pattern are as if you were knitting a flat scarf—which again, doesn’t make sense, since you’re knitting in the round.

      I hope this helped. Happy knitting!


      • Thanks for the welcome! Well I feel much better now, I though I was completely crazy. You have captured all my questions about this pattern! The picture in the pattern is most definately misleading. Since I only purchased two balls of yarn on the internet, I will have to make the version that the pattern actually creates, not the picture version that I did want.

        Thanks so much for your insight and helpful information, greatly appreciated. Hope your friend loves the cowl!


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