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Many were the virtues of the Aran Wrap Cardigan, but it wasn’t good for travel knitting, and anyway, I needed to have it finished and ready to turn in to the state fair. So for my long bus trip last month, I brought along Trillian. The designer, Martina Behm, named it after the character in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which appealed to my sf/fantasy-loving self no end. I mean, I liked the pattern in its own right; that it had a connection to a favorite book of my high school years was a lovely bonus.

A far shot of the Trillian shawlette.

Trillian, in all its glory…

The original pattern called for Wollmeise “Pure” 100% Merino Superwash, a yarn I had no easy access to, although I thought it looked great in the sample. Instead, I used three balls of Mini Mochi in one of its new colorways, Strawberry Ice. Even that wasn’t enough to quite match the yardage of the Wollmeise after I lost several yards for matching the stripes, but luckily you can just stop knitting on this pattern whenever you feel like it. Trillian looks small in that photo, but the long edge is 70″ (178 cm), and Behm intended it to be 79″ (200 cm). Trust me, there’s plenty of shawlette there.

Modeling the Trillian shawlette.

…and in action.

Anyway, it was a fun little knit. The garter stitch was mindless enough to get me through hours on the bus, hours in a car, and hours just hanging out and talking (note to self: next vacation needs to include more of that last bit and far less of the first two). The fishnet lace border didn’t require a lot of my attention, but it’s what gives the whole shawlette its charm, and Behm’s description, “adds just a bit of femininity without being frilly,” is what sold me on it.

Detail of the lace border of the Trillian shawlette.

Detail of the fishnet lace along the side and across an edge.

Behm has some other patterns in her Hitchhiker’s series. I’ve already got yarn set aside for Lintilla—perfect for that sf/fantasy convention I go to in July, except I probably won’t wait that long.

6 thoughts on “Trillian

    • Milwaukee and southwestern Wisconsin, for my family reunion. Next year, I must remember how nice it was this year having my state fair knitting done before the reunion instead of having to haul it along and work on it in a desperate panic.


  1. What a nice shawlette! I have some fingering weight that might just be perfect…


    • Thank you! I think it could take all sorts of fingering weight/sock yarns and look fantastic. Maybe someday I’ll try another one, with short repeat color changes for a totally different look. The main thing is that it eats up more yarn than many shawlettes do. The yarn it calls for comes in 150g skeins instead of our customary 50g and 100g balls.


  2. Love the style, love the colors.


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