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Aran Wrap Cardigan: finally finished


I have finished the Aran Wrap Cardigan. Actually, I finished it last month, but it was so close to the deadline for entering it in the state fair that there wasn’t time to take pictures. But the fair is over and the sweater is back in my hands. Since I’ve been posting all my triumphs and agonies about knitting this as I went along, there’s not much left to say at this point.

Aran Wrap Cardigan, front viewAran Wrap Cardigan, back viewAran Wrap Cardigan laid flat

I entered it in the “adult sweater, texture cardigan” category at the fair, where it got 5th place and the gentlest (vaguest) comments I’ve ever received on an entry: “Nice knitting of interesting style. This was a big and competitive lot.”

Aran Wrap Cardigan in display case.

At the Minnesota State Fair: very nicely displayed.

In comparing notes with friends, I see several people were told theirs was a large and competitive lot. As hand knitting continues to be popular, the Creative Activities building is straining to hold all the entries—along with all the other creative activities, of course. Maybe I should resurrect my counted cross stitch skills: I haven’t seen much cross stitch at the fair in recent years!

4 thoughts on “Aran Wrap Cardigan: finally finished

  1. I saw it at the Fair and rejoiced! (-:


  2. Beautiful – congrats on both the ribbon and the high visibility at the fair (the folks who do the display cases obviously loved it).


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