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Plan B


I am not knitting the Very Luminary Vest.  Everything was going fine until I knit the first gauge swatch. (Which is to say, everything was going fine until I actually tried to start the project.) There were two problems:

  1. The pattern stitch for the Very Luminary Vest turned out to be a variation on seed stitch. If I wanted to knit seed stitch, I’d have continued knitting on the Summer Sampler.
  2. Although I made sure that my solid yarn (navy blue) didn’t pick up any of the colors in my variegated yarn (green and purple), the two yarns were still too similar to show the pattern stitch off to any advantage. The gauge swatch managed to look both boring and muddied. This wouldn’t have been a Very Luminary Vest so much as a Very Tenebrous Vest.


Not the Very Luminary Vest.

This has not stopped me from wanting to knit a vest, but it has taken me more effort to get to the starting point than when working from a published pattern. Since my two yarns are never going to work as originally intended, and may or may not go with another pattern, I’m designing a vest for them. I’m calling it Midnight Vineyard because of the colorways I’m using. The two yarns are from Blackberry Ridge, their Traditional Colors Medium Weight (the navy blue yarn) and their Kaleidoscope Medium Weight in a colorway called Grapes on the Vine (the green and purple yarn). This is one of those projects where the yarn will be doing most of the work, so I’m going for a simple pattern, a basic crew neck pullover vest. After poring over pattern stitches, I decided to use half-linen stitch. Sally Melville praises the traditional wrong side of this stitch, and I think that side worked well in the Slip-Into-Color Pullover, but with these yarns, I think the traditional right side works the best. I’m hoping working the navy blue yarn in will mitigate any pooling from the Kaleidoscope yarn.

Nothing left at this point but the knitting. May the urge to knit this vest lasts as long as the project does.


6 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Hmmmm….wonder what you’ll bring on Friday?


    • I’m hoping to bring a few nicely-knitted inches of a vest back. We’ll see. Or I could drag in any of the other half-dozen UFOs I’ve got lying about. (I know it hasn’t been all that long since I finished a project, but I’m craving finishing another one.)


  2. New word of the week: tenebrous. Thanks!


  3. I hope you have enough yarn–I know how half linen stitch eats yarn faster. The swatch does look promising with those yarns.


    • Yeah, that was my major worry in using that stitch, that there might not be enough yarn. The pattern stitch for the Very Luminary Vest is also a slip stitch pattern, so it may be equivalent to half-linen stitch in that respect. Also, since Blackberry Ridge sells its yarns in generous hanks, there was going to be a lot of leftover yarn if I’d made the VLV. So here’s hoping!


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