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Knitting quietly


The Midnight Vineyard Vest is coming along nicely. I finished the back last week and cast on straight away for the front, lest I get distracted or have an attack of startitis and suddenly have another UFO on my hands. I had wondered if the half-linen stitch would consume more yarn than the original pattern stitch for the Very Luminary Vest, but I’m a few inches into the front now and still haven’t used up the first balls of either color, so never mind. (New worry: this could mean I have a lot of leftover yarn when I’m done. Then what?) I’m not saying I haven’t been tempted by other projects, but since this project has been growing noticeably, it’s kept my interest. Yes, I realize that since it keeps my interest, I continue to knit on it, which is why it’s growing noticeably, which is why it keeps my interest…it’s a non-vicious cycle.

So anyway, nothing’s wrong over here in Knitting Land, but with nothing starting or stopping, there hasn’t been anything to report. Knitting monogamy: one of the top reasons knitting blogs go quiet.


4 thoughts on “Knitting quietly

  1. I used to be a completely monogamous knitter. It was incredibly peaceful and satisfying. This year I began to struggle with startitis. It has left me more anxious, but I can’t seem to stop! I look forward to seeing pictures of the FO.


    • I keep telling myself that I would finish projects faster and stand more of a chance of working my way through my stash if I would just focus my energies on one project at a time. But some part of my psyche is convinced that if I just start a project, it counts as finished somehow, so therefore I should start as many projects as possible. (This bit of my psyche is equally convinced that this is how it works for my to-be-read pile too!)


  2. Yes, photo please.

    I seem to be incapable of having only one project OTN. (i don’t want to say I’m incapable of monogamy!)

    Hope to see you Friday?


    • I probably won’t have more pictures until I’ve finished the vest. The back by itself, all curly and unblocked, doesn’t seem very photogenic. But knowing I have an eager audience will provide still more motivation to knit quickly and finish the front.

      I used to be monogamous. I was monogamous for years. I wish I could remember the moment I decided to start a second project while there was already a project in progress, because that was clearly a turning point in my life.

      And yes to Friday.


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