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Reset and diversion


Sometimes you don’t post about the knitting because you’re just knitting along and there’s nothing much to say. Sometimes you don’t post about the knitting because you made such an elementary mistake THAT YOU CAN’T TRUST YOURSELF TO WRITE COHERENTLY ABOUT IT FOR A WEEK—

[takes deep breath] Sorry about that. Let’s try this again.

Last Saturday, I finished knitting the body of the Midnight Vineyard vest. Armed with T-pins, a tape measure, and my schematic, I began to pin it out for blocking, starting with the shoulders. Sixteen inches (41 cm) wide, good, just stick another pin in over there and pause a moment to imagine what this will look like with the ribbing, and…

Ribbing. Oh…frak. I forgot to allow for the ribbing when I calculated the shoulder width. Sixteen inches was supposed to be the finished width of the shoulders; add ribbing, and now the shoulders will be eighteen inches (46 cm) wide, meaning they’ll either flare or drape oddly, and…and…

[insert the quiet sound of frogging wool here]

Did you know the upper body of a vest is about 40% of the total?

[rip, rip, rip]

In other news, here’s what I’m working on right now. Having just learned that I was being invited to a friend’s birthday party, a gift seemed in order. Since there is a minute chance that the friend might see this post prior to her birthday, I will say no more about it, but merely tantalize with a small detail photo.


The birthday in question is in early January. We will not go into any detail as to how much frogging I’ve had to do on what is pretty much basic garter stitch—I have got to put down the knitting needles when I find myself yawning. But to get this done in time, I’m going to have to be more or less monogamous with it, which means the Midnight Vineyard Vest and I will have a decent cooling-off period before I tackle it again. Which will probably be healthiest for both of us.

4 thoughts on “Reset and diversion

  1. I am so sorry. (Pause for moment of silent mourning.) I might have been tempted to just do an I-cord bind-off and call it good.


    • Thank you for your kind words at this time of deep grieving (and utter annoyance at myself). I remind myself that this is worsted weight yarn and will knit up fairly quickly. And the “replacement” upper body is 8 stitches narrower than the original on both the front and the back, so it should go faster than the original.


  2. Sad! The vest is so wonderful I’m sure you’ll be happy you frogged and re-knit once it’s done.

    Of course, that’s little consolation now…


    • Yeah, I’m trying to think long-term here. I’m reminding myself of the various projects I’ve done where I’ve cut corners and regretted it later. And I’m truly glad I realized the error before I got the yarn wet. But yes, somehow that’s not all that consoling right now (although I’m far more rational about the whole mess than I was last week).


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