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Little blue shawlette


The sequence of events went something like this:

  1. A fellow knitter wore her Damson shawlette to Knit Night. I took a liking to it.
  2. I queued Damson for myself and bought the pattern.
  3. I learned a friend’s 70th birthday was coming up, and decided to knit a shawlette for her. (Zero birthdays just cry out for something a little out of the ordinary.)
  4. I received lovely blue yarn as a door prize at the knitting retreat I recently attended.
  5. Pattern + Need + Yarn = Damson for D.S.

This has been one of the good projects. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed knitting up this yarn (Stroll Hand Painted from Knit Picks in Lullaby). Damson shows it off well: the colors tumble together in the garter stitch section and then highlight the different directions the knitting goes in the stockinette section. It was tightly wrapped in the hank, but as I knit it up under less tension, it softened up, which is good when you’re making it into something that may rest against bare skin. I’ve heard that Stroll isn’t all that durable as a sock yarn, but that shouldn’t be an issue with a shawlette.

Blue Damson shawlette

My usual knitting deadline is the state fair. But while I care whether or not I make the state fair deadline, the state fair itself certainly doesn’t. Birthdays are another matter entirely. I don’t think D. is expecting anything from me, but I was nervous that I might be late and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so I threw myself into monogamy with this project. (D’s birthday is in May, I started in March, and this is a shawlette, not an afghan, so my worries may have been slightly irrational.) Be that as it may, my new monogamous knitting self finished the job in about two weeks.

Clearly this yarn was destined to become a birthday present. It made a beautiful shawlette, and yet I feel no urge to keep the finished project and foist some substitute gift off on D. It was fun, it was pretty, and now it can be hers.

Meanwhile, I have wound a hank of Dream in Color’s Gaia (an older name for the yarn Dream in Color now calls Smooshy), and am off to make a Damson for myself. I’m hanging on to this one.

Back view of blue Damson shawlette Front view of blue Damson shawlette


4 thoughts on “Little blue shawlette

  1. So lovely! The flashing in the yarn sets off the lace pattern beautifully. And now Damson is in my faves, too.


  2. Looks like you conquered your counting problem — lovely! And oh, so early 🙂


    • This yarn is very nicely hiding a multitude of sins. The next yarn won’t do that nearly as well, so I’m going to have to be super-careful.

      And now to store this shawlette somewhere safe until it’s time to mail it, without hiding it so well that I forget to do so.


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