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Second time’s the charm

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Midnight Vineyard vestLook what I (finally) finished!

After the slightly traumatic frogging episode, I didn’t bounce back as fast as I’d planned. If I’d actually gone back to working on this after I finished the first Larch shawlette, I suspect I’d have finished it in February sometime. But in procrastinating on Midnight Vineyard, I finished the Basket Stitch Sampler which had been in limbo for far longer, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. And the reknitting was mainly tedious, not complicated. All I had to do was narrow the shoulders, and other than that, the shaping was exactly as it had been the first time around. I’m going to blame some of the procrastination on the pattern stitch. Half-linen stitch shows these two yarns off nicely, but it doesn’t grow quickly, and I have a comparatively short attention span for projects. Anyway, the vest is done now, and I’m already starting to forget the boring, repetitive parts of the project. The final proof that frogging and reknitting the upper body was the right thing to do? The vest fits.

Midnight Vineyard Vest being worn.This was my first project with shaping in it for fit’s sake. Nothing fancy—I’m still a beginner at this!—but I narrowed the waist. Okay, more accurately, I gave it a waist. It didn’t seem like much on paper, but all the little decreases added up to losing 12 stitches between the hip and the waist and adding all 12 of them back in on the way to the bust, and that was a difference of almost 2½ inches (6 cm). I’ve been wary of close-fitting garments because so many of the ones I’ve bought from stores haven’t fit me all that well, and then they’re confining. But in giving Midnight Vineyard waist shaping, all I did was take away excess fabric—less to knit!—and when I’ve worn it, I didn’t find it restrictive or binding. The only change I’d make on this pattern if I were to do it again would be to loosen the bottom ribbing, mostly to minimize strain and wear on it. I started knitting Midnight Vineyard months before Amy Herzog’s Knit to Flatter was published, but it’s encouraging me to see how many of her tips I can incorporate into future patterns.

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