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Wedge Pullover: unstable gauge swatch and the redesign

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[Don’t worry, I’m not turning into a post-a-day wonder. I’m a bit backlogged in posts and am trying to get caught up before they get too stale.]

First, there was the gauge swatch. With it in hand, I meant to sit down right away and rework the pattern. Instead, life and other knitting got in the way. The gauge swatch sat on my coffee table for another two weeks, during which time it continued to shrink (!). When I measured it again, it came in at 19 stitches and 25½ rows over 4 inches. So instead of tackling a pattern rewrite that afternoon, I gave in and knitted another swatch on size 8 needles. The new swatch had the right stitch gauge, but not the row gauge, which should be no end of interesting when I’m knitting the sweater because its design is meant to be worked over a precise number of rows. Luckily, I can put off thinking about this for a while, until I’ve knit up that far on the back and know what I’m actually working with. (I was right: the fabric is too drapey. I did consider rewriting the pattern for the tighter gauge, but the sweater would need more yarn and I don’t think I have enough to pull it off. So, looser gauge it is.)

Two sweater schematics.

Comparative schematics: old (left) and new (right). Not entirely to scale, but you get the idea.

Gauge Swatch #2 in hand, I finally got to tackle the redesign. As is usual for a drop shoulder sweater, the body of the original Wedge Pullover is a rectangle. It came in several sizes, but I was going to have to choose between having it fit at the bust or having it fit at the hips, and both of those options would have been too wide at the shoulders. Of course, a drop shoulder sweater is supposed to be wide at the shoulders. But I don’t like how that style looks on me, and some of my coats have such narrow sleeves that it’s hard to wear them over drop shoulder sweaters. So I’ve converted it to an A-line modified drop shoulder sweater that should fit (or at least fit better) at all three points. I also shortened it, since I want it to end at my hips. I’m leaning towards a crew neck at the moment, but that’s something else I don’t have to make a final decision on for a while yet. All of this means I have a first draft of the pattern, and that means I’ve been able to start knitting the sweater (yay!).

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