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Search results


What I did not find after searching for my silver posts:

  • A supply of silver posts.

What I did find:

  • A supply of gold posts. File this under What was I thinking? since I almost never wear gold jewelry.
  • A supply of gold French hooks. (See above.)
  • A supply of surgical steel French hooks. Potentially useful for future projects, but not what I need at the moment.
  • A supply of 2″ thin head nickel pins. I could get lots of earrings out of these.
  • Miscellaneous beads left over from projects I barely remember.
  • A knitting noddy. I actually own one of these?
  • Three afghan hooks, sizes G, H, and I. Good timing: Tunisian crochet is becoming popular again.
  • A set of size 6 8″ Aero Bernat double-pointed needles.
  • A crochet hook so large that I think it might be size Q. I owned a size Q hook once, didn’t I? Not that the manufacturer marked it in any useful way.
  • Several counted cross stitch UFOs. [wince]
  • A length of a lovely blue plaid flannel. I bet I meant to make a shirt out of this.

And a pair of earrings I’d been planning to get rid of, with silver posts that could be cannibalized for another project. Like, say, amethyst earrings:

Amethyst earrings.

Amethyst earrings.


7 thoughts on “Search results

  1. I’m almost dreading the day I need to move house and my partner will potentially realise just how much yarn I have stashed away in various hiding places.


  2. Nice earrings!

    I’m not going to mention any of the multitude of things that I found when I moved – too….embarrassing/horrifying/shocking.

    Or something like that.



    • Thanks! I’m sure the really scary/embarrassing stuff in my life hasn’t been unpacked from my last move yet. I just move it from apartment to apartment with vague intentions of getting rid of it someday.


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