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Optical illusion


While the knitting putters along (the front and back of the Wedge Pullover are blocking as I write this), I made another detour into beading. This is the Bali Rope Bracelet, the last of my purchases from when my local bead store closed this spring. While beading is much faster than knitting or crochet, I thought this would take a while. I pictured having to do some sort of complicated threading or weaving to get many small silver beads to form that rope pattern. In fact, I’ve been putting off tackling the project because I figured it was going to be a major investment of effort (by beading standards).

Bali Rope Bracelet

Bali Rope Bracelet.

No, it’s a trick. Those aren’t tiny round beads woven together, but a lot of heishi beads lined up in a row. Each bead naturally nestles at a 45º angle to the one next to it, creating the illusion that you’ve made a thick silver cord. Seven Swarovski crystals add color and sparkle. I had to shorten the bracelet by about an inch to fit my wrist, but then, that’s easy to do when you’re custom-making the bracelet. Oh, and the entire project, start to finish, was about 40 minutes. Now to find an outfit to wear my new pretty sparkly thing with.

heishi beads

Heishi beads.


2 thoughts on “Optical illusion

  1. It’s so pretty! Looking forward to seeing it “live”.


    • Thank you! The denseness of the silver bits gives it an interesting texture and the whole bracelet has a comforting weight to it, but those sorts of things are hard to convey in a post or photo.


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