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Back when I committed myself to knitting Trillian, I was already plotting out the next pattern by Martina Behm that I would make: Lintilla. Not only do I like Behm’s designs generally, but the shawlettes in this collection all took their names from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a series I loved back in high school. Behm helpfully reminds knitters that Lintilla was a character in the radio version, not the books, a woman who’d been cloned hundreds of billions of times due to a technical malfunction, and was now ubiquitous throughout the galaxy. (The reminder was appreciated.)

Lintilla, in all its ruffled glory.

Lintilla, in all its ruffled glory.

Lintilla is pretty simple. The whole thing is garter stitch. You increase on every row, and decrease every other row, creating a slowly-growing triangle; the ruffles are made with short rows. By the way, see those ruffles along the short edge of the triangle? They’ll take 25% of the total yarn for the project. So I turned the corner, happily figuring I was at the last stage, with just a ruffled edge to go—which was true—but it wasn’t until I’d knitted for a couple of hours and had only worked off about 20 stitches of the final row that it hit me that this was going to take about 25% of the total time for the project as well. I may never knit another ruffle again.

Detail of corner.

Detail of corner.

The yarn is Knit Picks’ Imagination in the colorway Enchanted Lake. This has been my best experience yet with Imagination. My previous two shawlettes made with it were in stockinette stitch, and they were pretty enough, but I really like how garter stitch mixes these colors together. And it goes with just about everything in my wardrobe—what more could I ask?

In use.

In use.


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