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The cutting edge of knitting techniques


From the Wall Street JournalMillennial Craft-Makers Embrace Arm Knitting

Clearly all that money I spent on Addi Turbos was wasted.

From Meet the world’s most famous vaginal knitter

I hope she is using organic wool. I understand a lot of commercial wool has been treated with chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. Given where she is storing her stash, this could be an issue for her. (Hey, if the article title didn’t warn you, what could I have said?) I’m not sure how many people will catch the issues she wants to explore because how she’s chosen to explore them will distract them more than anything else.

8 thoughts on “The cutting edge of knitting techniques

  1. Ewww. Just ewww. Sorry, Casey Jenkins. I support your right to do whatever art you want, but this project? Ewww.


    • I wonder how non-knitters respond to her performances. I keep getting sidetracked by knitting issues, even though it’s clear that productive knitting isn’t the point of this exercise in the slightest.


  2. I arm knitted once, and although the scarf was lovely when it was just finished, the loose gauge hasn’t held up to repeated wear.

    As for the second story, all I could think about was how awkward her knitting style was and if she’s knitting for a whole month circular needles would probably have been a better choice.

    That (and this is definitely TMI, but hey we’re talking about knitting with yarn stashed in a vagina) … she has a very light flow. I’m almost envious.


    • That’s too bad about your scarf. I didn’t think such a loose gauge could take much use, but I wouldn’t have thought a scarf would get much wear and tear.

      Related to what I was saying to kmkat above, yes, we knitters start thinking about the knitting more than her performance as a whole! I can’t imagine there’s much she can do with the knitted pieces afterwards: difficult to clean and likely to freak out anyone who learned their origins. I hope this isn’t putting her in danger of toxic shock syndrome.


      • It was really interesting watching my twitter feed of both knitters and non-knitters react to the video.
        But the straight needles thing irked me the most. The same as when the Julia Gillard knitting pictures were talked about everywhere all I wanted to say was straight needles aren’t all that common! (Well at least not in my knitting circle of friends)


        • I finally saw the video: not as gross as I feared, but I’m still not sure how many people are really going to get the points she’s trying to make. I agree, circular needles would probably be better for the actual knitting, and I’m guessing she didn’t know about them. But I suppose if you really want to hit your audience over the head with the fact that you’re knitting, straight needles are what they’d expect to see.


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