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When I first saw Barndom, I didn’t feel any need to knit it. It seemed pleasant enough, but it didn’t call to me. That happens a lot, and has saved me from having a Ravelry queue in the triple digits. But this past spring, I took a class with Stephen West at Yarnover. He brought along several of his original shawls, and by the end of the day, I’d bought the pattern and yarn both. As it turned out, it was far more seductive live than in photos. Which also happens a lot.

Barndom (shawl)

Barndom: 2-color version

This, by the way, is the smaller version. The pattern also has instructions for a 3-color version; the third color comes in where the pink border is on this version.

Barndom: detail of the slip stitch columns

Barndom: detail of the slip stitch columns (click to enlarge)

While I’d enthusiastically picked up the pattern and the yarn in the spring, I didn’t get around to starting it until last month. In the meantime, a glitch in the pattern was causing people a few headaches. Judging from the comments on Ravelry, there were two sets of instructions for Row 69, but luckily, the corrected version of the pattern came out before I started it. The revised Row 69 made sense, but the results weren’t symmetrical. Okay, you practically had to have your nose pressed to the shawl to notice the difference, but then, that’s about the distance I knit at! Row 69 is the row in which the slip stitch columns come back together. In the first half of the row (the left side in the finished shawl), the stitches which have been angling against the garter stitch background slip back under the stitches which have been going at right angles to the background stripes. In the second half of the row, though, the two sets of stitches ended up slamming into each other.

Detail of row 69.In the photo above, the join on the left is done according to the instructions. The stitches coming in from the upper right aren’t going under the ones on the left, and a bit of the pink yarn (right above the stitch marker) has gotten pulled into the join. For the join on the right, I divided the stitches involved onto two cable needles, holding one to the front of the work and one to the back, and I think that worked out better.

Overall, I enjoyed knitting this. It has satisfied my need to make garter stitch stripes for a while. I didn’t actually have a need to make garter stitch stripes, but trust me, that need has been fulfilled. The colors looked even better knitted together than they had as two hanks of yarn—yay! I don’t feel inclined to knit another one, but I plan to love this one for years to come.


Yarn: tosh merino light in Steam Age (gray) and Posy (pink).

4 thoughts on “Barndom

  1. Stephen West is a genius with the slipped stitches. Which is another way of saying he gets a lot of mileage out of them. Nevertheless, I am a fan of his patterns. Your Barndom is wonderful! I like the yarn colors you chose.


    • Yeah, if I’m not careful, between the slipped stitches and the garter stripes, I could wind up with a lot of projects that have a familial resemblance to them. (Although I bet I’d love each and every one of them for its own individual charm.) And thank you!


  2. Ditto…it looks great – your color choices is wonderful!


  3. Ignore the bad grammar/typo :-0


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