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Just in time for Valentine’s Day


I went to Dream in Color’s website to see their photo of a particular color of Smooshy, which is how I learned that they’ve got some new colorways. I clicked on the pictures to get a closer look—and began to see a theme in the names:

  • Rose Anguish
  • Humdrum
  • Naked Shame
  • Apathy
  • Vague Unease
  • Bitter Malaise
  • Forget Me
  • Milky Spite
  • Icy Reception
  • Mild Tedium
  • Blue Sulk
  • Callous Pink
  • Damp Pillow
  • Deep Regret

Much as I would love to tell people that I was making something in Apathy, Vague Unease, or Bitter Malaise, I never wear those colors (if I had to assign apathy a color, it would be some utterly meh shade of gray, but this yarn is gold; the other two are yellow-greens). But saying my new project is in a color called Forget Me, Icy Reception, Blue Sulk, or Callous Pink would be fun too. Something to look forward to for a future order!

2 thoughts on “Just in time for Valentine’s Day

  1. I scarcely think Humdrum is an appropriate name for orange.


    • I suppose there isn’t much of a market for numerous meh shades of gray, but that’s what some of their names make me think of. I figure, if you’re going to sell an orange yarn, give it an orange name (but something besides “pumpkin,” please).


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