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How now brown cowl

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And lo, I have made a second Harmonia’s Rings Cowl. Those of you who are familiar with my color preferences have already guessed that this one isn’t for me. The recipient, P., likes brown, so I got to indulge in knitting a color I usually don’t get to play with. (Not counting last year, when I made those brown dishcloths for my cousin).

HRingsCowlBrownAs originally designed, this cowl has a beaded picot bind off along the upper edge, and I did that on my first cowl. I like the look, but the edge curls under just enough to hide most of the picots. P. said she liked things plain and didn’t want any beads. I took that a step further and left off the picots as well, just purling an extra row and then doing a purled bind off. It was a lot faster than the beaded picot edging and I really like how it came out. I’m planning on making another one for myself, and this has convinced me to do the same thing on my future cowl. There was enough yarn to do an extra pattern repeat at the bottom, so it’ll be just that much warmer and cozier. This cowl twists in the opposite direction from the way my first one does. I didn’t consciously choose the twist either time—I doubt I could choose it! Which will lend a tiny note of suspense to any Harmonia’s Rings Cowl I make in the future, I suppose.


Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted
Color: 50 Roanoke


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