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Off to the north

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It’s March, and once again I have gone to the Great Guild Getaway and returned to tell the tale.

  • Last year, my room was toasty. This year, I was in a different room which was decent enough except for the temperature: 56º F (13º C). This was the trip that convinced me that space heaters are a wonderful invention despite their reputation for starting fires.
  • I always think I’m going to get more done than I do. I brought three projects to work on, and one never made it out of my luggage. I did make progress on the other two, Viajante and the Harmonia’s Rings Cowl that I’m making for myself, but I’d harbored a secret hope that I’d be mostly finished with the HRC by the end of the retreat. Nope.
  • No walks or hikes this year. The sidewalks were mostly clear, but there were little patches of ice scattered everywhere, and it was colder than I’d expected. While I’m glad we’re having a winter that’s sort of like normal, I miss the unseasonable warmth that let me explore the whole peninsula.
  • While I didn’t sell all the yarn I brought, there was net stash loss, even counting the yarn I bought en route and the skein I won as a door prize. (We’ll ignore the package of yarn I’d ordered that arrived back home while I was away.)
  • This was the retreat of purple yarn for me. On our way up, we stopped in at Bonnie’s Spinning Wheel in St. Cloud, where I found this little treasure. It’s Cascade Heritage Silk Paints and the colorway is Violets.
  • The door prize yarn this year was a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport. Originally, I drew a skein that was gray, burgundy, yellow-green, and orange. It was nicely done, but there was no way I would wear anything I might make from it, and I couldn’t think of anyone to give such an item to. Luckily, someone else had gotten this multi-purple colorway called Lorna’s Purple Mustang and felt the same way about it, so we traded. It’ll probably become a cowl, although I haven’t found a good pattern for it yet. I feel a bit limited by the yardage. There’s only 200 yards (183 m) in a single skein of Shepherd Sport and I don’t have any other sport yarn on hand to add to it. So we’ll see.shepherdsport_lornaspurplem

All in all, a fine weekend of knitting, talking, reading, and relaxing. I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreat. But hoping for a warmer room!


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