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Daybreak x 2


Back in May, I finished knitting a Daybreak shawl. Normally, I would have written about it then, but I planned to use it for one of the posts for this year’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, so I kept it off the blog. Meanwhile, though, I’d been thinking over what knitting it had been like, and I decided I wanted to make the pattern again to try a different color combination, but in the small size. So here’s one blog post for two versions of the same pattern.

ball of yarnI chose to knit my first Daybreak shawl because I had a Crazy Zauberball that I didn’t know what else to do with. This is probably the only pastel Zauberball colorway in existence. But even though it’s tranquility itself compared to most Zauberballs, this particular specimen looked like an Easter egg, and I suspected it would be Too Much if I knitted it into anything by itself. Daybreak, though, had stripes of a contrasting color, which would make it far more palatable. So I picked out a nice sensible gray and had at it. This turned out to be a wise choice for more than just color reasons because the Stroll is softer than the Zauberball, and it’s the yarn that’s most likely to touch my bare neck. The only drawback was that my nice sensible gray was a slightly heavier yarn than the Zauberball, so the pastel parts got a bit lacy in comparison. And even though the Zauberball should have had more than enough yardage for this project, I ran short and had to end one pattern repeat short.

Daybreak shawl

Daybreak shawl

The Daybreak pattern comes in small, medium, and large sizes. I’d chosen the large size so that I’d use up most of the Zauberball (not intending to run out entirely!). The small size was the right size for me to use a single ball of Mini Mochi, although at least I knew going into this one that there wasn’t going to be quite enough yarn—which I can deal with when I know ahead of time that’s going to be an issue. To avoid the problem I’d had with Stroll and Zauberball not being the same weight, I used Mini Solid for the top part, which is the same yarn as Mini Mochi, only, well, solid. Does Crystal Palace seriously mean for this yarn to be used for socks? Baby socks, maybe, socks for people who aren’t walking much yet. Yeah, it’s got nylon in it, but it’s barely spun: just mostly fibers that have agreed to lie parallel to each other. But I love the yarn because it comes in a lot of wonderful colorways, and it’s really soft, even by the standards of merino wool, which is what I want next to my neck.

Daybreak shawlette

Daybreak shawlette

I have plans for at least one more small Daybreak, in a more somber palette, although if I find something else to use the yarn in, I’m willing to let myself repurpose it. Yes, I can knit things that aren’t pastel. Why do you ask?


Daybreak shawl
Solid yarn: KnitPicks Stroll
Color: Ash
Variegated yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball
Color: 2096
Needle: 4 (3.5 mm)

Daybreak shawlette
Solid yarn: Crystal Palace Mini Solid
Color: 1100 Natural Ecru
Variegated yarn: Crystal Palace Mini Mochi
Color: 111 Baby Face
Needle: 5 (3.75 mm)


2 thoughts on “Daybreak x 2

  1. V. nice! I especially like the one with gray (gray has become my favorite go-along-with-everything color). Both of those will look lovely with your coloring.


    • Thank you! The one with gray has become my wear-everywhere shawl because, yes, it does go with my coloring, but also because it goes with everything in my wardrobe except striped shirts. It goes particularly well with Oxford shirts, I’ve noticed.


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