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Silvernfire and the three projects


August again, and as I do every year, I feel like I should start this post by saying “No, I’m not dead.” I’ve even been knitting fairly steadily this summer—the air conditioning is on super-chill everywhere I go, so I’m rarely deterred by hot summer weather—but I haven’t finished anything lately, so there hasn’t been anything to write about.

I’m not entering anything in the state fair this year. I think this is the first year I’ve skipped since I started entering things here in the 1990’s. Every year, putting stuff into the fair is a bit of a challenge because the entry dates coincide with my being out of town for my family reunion. This year, I decided I’d rather relax and enjoy the vacation than race home in a desperate attempt to get stuff in before the entry closed.

I’m still going to the fair, though—volunteering for the Minnesota Knitters Guild. (It’s going to be odd looking at the knitting display this year without trying to find my stuff.) This means I’ve started a project despite not feeling any real desire to do so. I’ve got works in progress, but neither of them are suitable for a knitting demo:

  • Cables 101: Lovely, interesting to passers-by, and way too complicated to work on while stopping every few minutes to answer questions from curious people.
  • Viajante: Unlike Cables 101, this is mindless knitting, well-suited for frequent interruptions. It’s also interesting to passers-by, although more in the sense of “What is it?”. But it’s big enough to be piled in my lap. Having a mound of alpaca and silk in my lap on a day when it’s predicted to reach 90º F (32º C) is hardly appealing. Have I mentioned that the Creative Activities building isn’t air-conditioned?

Hence the new project: the Tru Love Bites cowl. It was inspired by True Blood, but luckily I like it for itself since I never really got into that series (not sure why; I’ve enjoyed vampire novels since I was a kid). It’s not entirely mindless knitting, but it’s mostly stockinette stitch with the occasional row of yarnovers, which should be doable enough under state fair conditions. I hear there are mistakes in the pattern, but maybe I won’t run into them until after my shift. If not, then passers-by will get to see a live demo of someone correcting knitting errors on the fly (ooh, ahh).

collage photo of three knitting projects

This project was too complex…and this project was too large…but this project was just right. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Silvernfire and the three projects

  1. I did read through the entire series of novels by Charlaine Harris that inspired True Blood, but never saw the show. Friends who’d seen both tell me that after the first couple of seasons, the show paled in comparison to the books, which remained strong.

    The cowl should be another helpful accessory for your office.


    • I saw the first season, and it was interesting enough to work my way through all the DVDs, but I feel no strong urge to rent the second season. I’ve got the first book, and I’ve peeked at it a bit, but I haven’t read it yet.

      The cowl looks promising in terms of warmth. I’m planning on trying more cowls: the shawlettes are lovely, but I have problems keeping them on.


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