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September update

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Clearly, knitting blogs were meant to be written by people who either knit small projects or knit large objects at a ferocious pace and finish them quickly. I have done neither lately, although I am knitting fairly regularly.

For the moment, I’m focusing on Viajante. Because this is the sort of project that I find easy to forget about—endless rounds of stockinette stitch—I set myself a deadline for the Pink Thing. I started it in the last days of December 2013, and I plan to finish it before the year is up. Which means that I should be three-quarters finished by the end of September. This had been a reasonable pace, it seemed, up until summer. The Pink Thing is alpaca and silk. It’s a doubled strand of laceweight alpaca and silk, nice and light, but, well, alpaca and silk. It’s warm. Not surprisingly, I’d been finding other things to knit during July and August. And suddenly it was September and I was barely past the halfway point. Oops. So now I’m being temporarily monogamous with it while I race to get back on schedule. I was at 70% this morning: there’s hope!

TruLoveBites cowl on needle.

I know it looks like a cap in this photo, but it’s a cowl. Really.

One of the projects that had diverted me from working on Viajante was the Tru Love Bites cowl, my project for knitting at the state fair this year. Alas, I have frogged it. It did get me through my Knitters’ Guild shift, and I’d kept at it, figuring it would be a quick, fun break. But there were problems from the get-go. I used the yarn called for, but I didn’t like how it looked at the gauge called for. Then the pattern was riddled with errors. I had been warned about them by reading about the pattern on Ravelry, and I could work my way through them, but they were annoying, not fun. And then despite the tighter gauge I was knitting at, I ran out of yarn six rounds before the end, at which point I decided the project was doomed and gave up. But before I ripped it out, I slipped it off the needle and tried it on, and that has inspired me to try again. I really like how it drapes around my neck. I plan to tackle it again, armed with my notes from my first attempt, and using a DK weight yarn which should look much better at the recommended gauge. Plus, DK weight yarn will make a warmer cowl, and given the temperature in my office, that isn’t a bad thing.

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