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The cowl of consolation


After frogging my last project (sob!), I decided to knit a cowl. It seemed a perfect small project: relatively simple to knit, and it would use two balls of Mochi Plus that were in my stash and for which I didn’t have any other project in mind. Quick, easy, and it’d give me a feeling of accomplishment to, well, console me after the failed Damson.

As it turned out, it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked. You start with a provisional cast on because you work this cowl side-to-side rather than bottom-to-top. But the first row, with increases and decreases, threatened to get my waste yarn so thoroughly tangled into the project that I’d never get it out again. I started with the second row, then had to think how to finish the project correctly when I came to the end. The pattern involves two double decreases that would’ve worked well enough in another yarn, but Mochi Plus is a singles yarn and a splitty one at that. I’d think I’d successfully worked the decrease, and then discover four rows later that I’d dropped the middle stitch and have to rip back. 😦

Knitted zigzag cowl.Finishing the cowl was also unexpectedly difficult. The designer says that you can use a three-needle bindoff or Kitchener stitch, and I decided to use the latter because it would be practically invisible. Which it is. The problem was that the yarn frayed and broke. Yes, that’s a known danger with singles yarns, but because the yarn you use in Kitchener stitch is visible, you can’t substitute a stronger yarn. Aargh!

Also, partway into the second ball, the color sequence reversed itself. With this cowl, that’s fine: it looks deliberate. But I could see that looking just plain sloppy in another project. This is the second time I’ve run into a yarn in the Mochi family doing that reversal. If that’s something Crystal Palace intended, I wish they’d tell you about it in the advertising, the way KnitPicks warns people that the color sequence in their new run of Chroma is now mirrored rather than sequential.

Okay, so the cowl maybe wasn’t all that consoling as I knit it, but I like the final product. Whatever its faults, Mochi Plus is a wonderfully soft yarn, which is exactly what I want in something that’s going to touch my neck. The colors are lovely and the garter stitch makes it squishy. It hugs my neck, which I like better than the kind that has a lot of excess fabric draped in the front (I can’t help thinking of those as giant knitted/crocheted necklaces). And I had enough yarn for it, and I finished it successfully, which is consoling as all get out!


Zigzag Cowl
Pattern: Mochi Plus Zig Zag Cowl
Yarn: Crystal Palace Mochi Plus
Color: Seafoam (612)
Needles: 7 (4.5 mm)

3 thoughts on “The cowl of consolation

  1. Thank you (thank y’all)! Now, does it go with anything I own…?


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