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Three shades of gray


No, I couldn’t resist. And you have to admit it’s an accurate description.

gray Brush Creek CowletteShawlettes are pretty, shawlettes are quick and easy to knit, shawlettes have an unfortunate tendency to come unwrapped during the course of a day. Carina Spencer calls this design a cowlette: “a cowl with the look of a shawlette when worn. [It] has all the style of a lace shawlette without the fuss of trying to keep it stylishly draped around your neck!” Clearly this is a designer who understands my needs. And I love using multiple shades of one color, which was another plus for this pattern, although obviously I could have used three entirely different colors, and I saw examples of Ravelry from people who used one yarn that changed color throughout.

gray Brush Creek Cowlette modeledDespite my choice of name, there was nothing particularly masochistic about knitting this pattern, although when I discovered that my first attempt was going to have to be frogged because it wasn’t big enough to go over my head, that was painful without being the least bit pleasurable. Admittedly, I knew going in that this would be a challenge: Spencer says the cowlette will stretch to 23″ (58 cm) to fit over your head, and my head measures 24″ (61 cm). When you put a garter stitch border on a stockinette stitch piece, chances are that it’s going to pull up a bit unless you take remedial measures because garter is shorter than stockinette. For my second attempt, I started each row with a yarnover that I then dropped on the return row. It worked. I’ve done that occasionally on other projects that combine garter stitch borders with stockinette stitch bodies, but I’m going to make that my standard approach now. Even if the project doesn’t have to stretch, it looks better if the edges don’t look strained.

And yeah, I like this cowlette enough that I’m already planning a pink version. Although “Three Shades of Pink” doesn’t have quite the same connotations to it.


Three Shades of Gray
Pattern: Brush Creek Cowlette
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette
Colors: Ash, Marble Heather, Mist
Needles: 6 (4.0 mm)


6 thoughts on “Three shades of gray

  1. I love how this looks – great job!


  2. Pretty! Oh, and a nice shawlette/cowl, too 😉 For those shawlettes that don’t want to stay in place, may I suggest some of these:


    • Aww… 😉

      I remember you mentioning those MagneButtons before, and I’ve been meaning to investigate them further. I’ve got one shawl stick and it’s too big for most of my shawlettes (it holds the Aran Wrap Cardigan closed: that’s how sturdy it is). Thanks for reminding me about them.


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