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It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and even though it seems everyone is getting more snow than we are (okay, New England has gone overboard in this respect, but the South as well? Sheesh), Minnesota is producing some respectably frigid temperatures. So, cozy things to snuggle into for warmth are still catching my eye.

I don’t remember how I ran across this pattern; maybe Lion Brand featured it in one of their newsletters or maybe I was wandering around on their website and found it. Anyway, the pattern says that the wrap—which I think of as a shawl, and we could have a whole ‘nother discussion about the terminology for these things—can be worn 8 different ways. That piqued my interest, so even though the pattern itself wasn’t all that exciting, I downloaded a copy just in case. Months later, during a trip to Michaels for something else entirely, I saw they had Wool-Ease Thick & Quick on sale. And here we are.

Grande Wrap

The shawl itself.

As you can probably guess, this wasn’t a project I chose for the technological challenge. This is a garter stitch triangle with cords. Made from super bulky yarn, though, it’s a warm garter stitch triangle, and that’s the important part. Indeed, I’m wearing it as I write this in my chilly office, and it’s doing its job just fine.


I like this style (tied at the back): it’s secure, but I can move around easily.

I did play around with the pattern a bit. In the original, you do the cords in flat stockinette stitch, 3 stitches wide, and let it curl inwards. I figured, just do I-cord. By the way, I-cord is even more annoying to work when you have to use a circular needle because you’re too stubborn to buy a set of size 13 double-pointed needles just for one project. I decided to use a suspended bind-off because I wanted something firm to keep the garter stitch from stretching out too far, but something with more give to it than the traditional bind-off.


Once I got it arranged, it was cozy and warm, but it was hard to get the points to wrap around me without leaving gaps.

Now in an ideal world, I’d make it out of super bulky merino or alpaca or something, but Wool-Ease Thick & Quick a) is affordable, b) has enough wool in it to not feel plasticky the way some acrylic yarns can, and c) is machine-washable and -dryable. If I tried to wash this by hand, the weight of this much sodden yarn would probably drag me to the floor. It measures 29″ (74 cm) long by 58″ (147 cm) wide, not counting the cords, which are 23″ (58 cm) long.


I doubt I’ll ever wear it this way. But I could! (I feel stately as all get-out in this picture.)

That last bit, incidentally, is why there aren’t any pictures of me wearing it draped simply over my shoulders, untied. It turns out that the cords trail on the floor when I do that. I’m making a wild guess that Lion Brand’s model is noticeably taller than I am. 🙂


Grande Wrap
Pattern: Grande Wrap
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
Color: 99 Fisherman
Needles: 13 (9.0 mm)


8 thoughts on “Mega-shawl!

  1. Warms me up just looking at it!


  2. Happy to see that you deciphered some of the other styles of wrapping.


  3. I like all three ways you have styled your shawl in this post but the last one looks super cosy!


  4. Is your wonderful and in this case warm wardrobe admired by your coworkers and neighbors?


    • Yep! Well, the neighbors rarely see me, but the coworkers get to see practically everything. Although they’ve only seen this shawl on Facebook. I’ve been wearing it almost daily at home, so I may have to make another one if I want one at work.


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