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Out like a lion


I have knitted a lion.

Toy lion.

I don’t knit toys often. There are a lot of enticing patterns out there, but I don’t have much tolerance for little pieces knitted in the round and/or a lot of assembly. This little darling exists only because I was invited to a baby shower. Sure, I could’ve made a baby blanket, but I suspected the mother-to-be was going to get a lot of them. (She did, and they were all gorgeous, handmade, and extremely practical.) And she’s been calling her child her “little lion king” for months, so what toy I was going to knit was basically a given.

The knitting itself was straightforward, if tedious. I dug out a set of double-pointed needles and tried not to poke my eye out while producing four limbs, two ears, and a torso/head. The pattern has no tail, and in the interests of both child safety and me not having to knit three inches of I-cord in addition to all the other little bits, I didn’t add one. A bolder knitter might have chosen to embroider a tail onto the back, but my embroidery skills were maxed out making two eyes and a nose.

Technical details: although it’s hard to see from this angle, the lion’s head is a sock heel that is then decreased to a point. The mane is knitted flat and shaped with short rows, then joined into a circle and sewn to the head. Per a suggestion on Ravelry, I shortened the ears by a centimeter, and I recommend this to anyone else who’d want to make it. And although I’ve written this post in April, I finished the lion on March 31—hence the title of this post.


Little Lion
Pattern: Little Lion Sock Critter
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice
Colors: 158 Mustard, 130 Honey
Needles: 5 (3.75 mm)


2 thoughts on “Out like a lion

  1. Now THAT is dedication. I would hate knitting toys, too — too fiddly. But the Little Lion King looks great!


    • I decided knitting one toy every eight years wasn’t going to kill me. 😉 It’s even stuffed with some of the polyester fiberfill left over from that last toy I made (can you say “lifetime supply”?).

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