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There’s nothing quite like the warm glow of having used yarn from a failed project. Last year, I decided to make the Tru Love Bites cowl and bought a hank of the recommended yarn: Lorna’s Laces Sportmate. When the cowl failed and I frogged it, I dutifully balled the yarn up and tossed it back in the stash. Now what it was supposed to do was sink into the depths, not to be seen again until after I’d finished the grieving process. As my stash fills half a closet, there were plenty of places for it to go missing. Instead, you’d think I’d deliberately planted it front and center. It seemed like every time I went into the stash for something, I’d run into it. After a few rounds of this, I figured I’d better either get rid of it entirely or make something else out of it, since being ambushed with bitter memories was doing nothing for my creative impulses.

Pink Marble CowlOff to Ravelry’s pattern browse. My requirements were simple: a pattern that looked at least moderately interesting, that used no more than 270 yards (247 m) of sportweight yarn (all I had to work with, since I refused to buy another hank of this yarn), and was free (I was feeling rather miserly about this project—hadn’t I sunk enough time and money into its predecessor?). This cowl looked pretty, peeking out from a collar on the sample photo. And it edged out the competition by being a crochet project—I keep meaning to do more crochet!

The project itself was fairly simple. It’s worked in the round and the join gradually slips to the left so you don’t have an obvious line down the back. It’s a nice pattern stitch, but you need to put a bit of distance between you and it to see it clearly. While I was crocheting the cowl, at first I thought it looked dull and flat compared to the photos in the pattern. Then one day I laid it down, walked away to get something, saw it as I returned, and the pattern popped out when I was several feet away. But here’s the puzzling part: the pattern calls for 210 – 220 yards (192 – 201 m) of sportweight yarn, which I figured would be a good inroad into my hank of Sportmate. I got gauge and I made the cowl the same size as the pattern called for. A little taller even, since I got swept up in the pattern and overshot the height by about an inch. Yet I’ve only used 162 yards (148 m). So I haven’t got enough to do much of anything else with, but too much to casually toss in the trash: aargh!

The Sportmate makes this “autumn” cowl light and airy. A Cozy Summer Cowl, perhaps?


Pink Marble Cowl
Pattern: Cozy Autumn Cowl
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Sportmate
Color: Galena
Hook: F (3.75 mm)


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