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2015 Knitting & Crochet Blog Week—Day 6: Polls Apart


Almost every blogging platform offers a way to easily put together and host a poll, and polls, surveys and questionnaires can be a great way of engaging with your audience and readership. There are times when readers do not feel that they want or have time to think, compose and post an answer or response to a post, but short polls can often be completed with just a few clicks.

Importantly, survey findings and poll results can give bloggers an absolutely wonderful source of information to blog about. Whether you are looking at basic statistics of the percentage of knitters, crocheters and those who enjoy both or the results of a more opinion-led set of questions, you will be gathering a greater understanding of your readers and may find out some surprising results.

Think of a knitting or crochet related question (it can be literally anything from favourite yarn weight or colour to which month readers believe they complete most projects) and host a simple survey. Hopefully once Knitting And Crochet Blog Week is over this year you’ll have that information as inspiration for yet another blog post when you are ready to write about your findings.

No inspiration, none whatsoever for the Day 5 topic. Sure, I could come up with a different format, but I couldn’t think of a topic. Phooey. So I skipped it, and here we are at Day 6.

We’ll keep this simple. I know you have a lot of polls to visit (and respond to!) today. No, it’s not Day 7 yet, but I’m not closing the poll for a few days. Or maybe you just know you loved one of the earlier days.

(Ironically, since I’ve never put a poll on any of my blogs before, this would’ve qualified for my Day 5 post.)


4 thoughts on “2015 Knitting & Crochet Blog Week—Day 6: Polls Apart

  1. That is funny. I was surprised at how much I liked the Bags of Fun and it was a fun one to write too!


    • I liked it too. Partly, it was just fun to talk about my stuff. But partly, by that time, I was tired, and here was a post with the guidance already built in: just list every tool and say something about it.


  2. I always struggle with the something different post! I like your idea to double dip these two!


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