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Fortune’s Shawlette


This project is Facebook’s fault. Years ago, I “liked” some knitting and crochet-related pages. Now Facebook occasionally tosses “suggested posts” about knitting and crochet onto my Wall. As this beats all the ads they’ve ever shown me about Older Men Seek Faithful Women (shudder), I haven’t been complaining. Some of these posts come from Moogly, and if the pattern looks appealing, I track it down on Ravelry and favorite it, which is how I met the Fortune’s Shawlette.

Fortune's Shawlette.

In its full glory.

A bit of yarn.

All that remained.

What called to me about it? It’s crochet, and I’m still in a mighty crocheting mood. It uses one hank of KnitPicks’ Hawthorne Fingering: I had two single hanks waiting to be used in great patterns. It was lacy: a change from what I’ve been making lately. And above and beyond all that: I saw it and I wanted it.

Unfortunately, fortune was not as kind to me as it was to the designer. I knew from the get-go that making the shawlette exactly as written was chancy because the designer had said she finished with only one yard left, and when I read through the project notes on Ravelry, most people who’d used Hawthorne had run out of yarn before the end. I had to rip back two rows to gain enough yarn to do the edging. Later, I realized I’d left out the last row, but judging from how much yarn I have left, I don’t think I could’ve done the entire edging if I’d remembered it. It’s along the top edge of the shawlette, though, the part that’s bunched up around my neck, and the only time the loss is obvious is in photos when the shawlette is laid flat.

Unblocked shawlette.

Pre-glory: unblocked.

I like how the pattern stitch shows off the color bursts in the yarn. This is a variant of a crochet stitch called the Diagonal Box Stitch. For those of you who knit, it’s worked somewhat like entrelac: you make rows of little squares tilted diagonally. If you knitted or crocheted this yarn the “normal” way, the patches of bright blue would show up as bright lines in your knitting, but this stitch turns them into little boxes instead. Cool.

Up close.

Up close.

Result? Love at first sight. I wet-blocked it, pinned it out, stood back to make sure everything was symmetrical, and wanted it dry right that moment so that I could try it on. I’m not going to start another one until I finish another current project, but that shouldn’t take all that long. Meanwhile I’m studying my stash, trying to find another excellent yarn—one with more yardage. I’m determined that my next Fortune’s Shawlette will be full size, so even though my other hank of Hawthorne would look great in this pattern, I’m going to use something with at least 420 yards (384 m) to it. (A hank of Hawthorne has 357 yards (326 m). Too much for a cowl, not enough for a shawlette. Aargh.) But trust me, it’s not like I’m lacking viable candidates in my overflowing stash. Depending on how long my passion lasts for this pattern, I may be making several of these.


Fortune’s Shawlette
Pattern: Fortune’s Shawlette
Yarn: Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering
Color: Irvington
Hook: J (6.0 mm)

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