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Two of Spades


Each year, the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild has a booth for one day of the Minnesota State Fair. I’m not usually the volunteering type, but I like to take a shift, since the duties involve talking about knitting to people who wander by, giving interested people a taste of knitting with the demo needles we leave out on the counter, promoting the Guild, and sitting around knitting. I can handle this.

Knitted scarf.I try to choose a good project to work on during my shift. Mindless knitting is ideal because I’m going to be interrupted every few minutes, but I want something that looks intriguing to passers-by. It has to be lightweight because I’m going to be walking around the fair with it in my bag, and it needs to be small because it could be 80º F (27º C) or warmer in the Creative Activities Building (no air conditioning) and a pile of wool on my lap would be unbearable. Although both my current works-in-progress were light and small, neither were good candidates. The Herbivore shawlette involved a twisted rib with yarnovers that I’d managed to mess up several times already when knitting in solitude. The Fortune’s Shawlette was easy, pretty…and crocheted. So a few days before the fair, I was poring over my Ravelry Favorites list, frantically trying to find something that I already had yarn for and which I could begin and get to an interesting point before my shift.

Knitted scarf laid flat.The winner was the MissMarple [sic] Scarf. It called for two balls of Rowan Lima, and lo and behold, I actually had had two balls—just two balls—of Lima in my stash for years. Stash-busting: yes! Once I got past the first ribbing, it was 8″ (20 cm) of plain garter stitch, which is about as mindless as knitting gets, and enough to get me through a two-hour shift. And I haven’t done much knitting with worsted weight yarn lately. I’ve missed it. The Lima was cool because it’s a chained yarn, not a twisted one. It didn’t kink up on itself the way so many yarns do when knitted, but on the other hand, whenever I needed to work an increase, it was way too easy to snag the tip of my needle in the yarn rather than go through the stitch.

The name change came later. Even when I was in my Agatha Christie phase as a kid, I didn’t read the Miss Marple mysteries. (I know, I know…she knits and everything, and I still wasn’t interested.) I don’t know if the scarf is designed after one from a TV show or if it just seemed to the designer like something Miss Marple would either wear or knit. But it looks like a Two of Spades playing card to me, and that’s what I’m calling it.


Two of Spades
Pattern: MissMarple Scarf
Yarn: Rowan Lima
Color: Andes
Needles: 6 (4.0 mm), 8 (5.0 mm)


2 thoughts on “Two of Spades

  1. Great name! (both of them)


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