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Fortune’s Shawlette: the sequel

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As wearing my first Fortune’s Shawlette proved to be as fun as I thought it would be, I went ahead and made a second one. This time, I was determined to fix all the (mostly minor) problems I’d had with the first one. To start with, I was going to have enough yarn. That was fairly easy to manage since most skeins of fingering weight yarn have more than 375 yards, the amount in a hank of Hawthorne. I was also determined to get the right gauge. I’d thought I was getting the right gauge last time, only to discover that I’d tightened up as I crocheted, and was getting 7 blocks to 4 inches rather than 6 blocks. I’m sure the truly dedicated soul would have ripped out and started over, but I was too close to the end to consider that an option. On the bright side, I’m obviously outgrowing my perfectionistic impulses. 😀

Gray and pink Fortune's Shawlette

Gray, pink, and fun.

I ended up using a generous hank of Shepherd Sock. The model hank has 435 yards to 100 g, but I weighed mine and it came in at 108 g: 470 yards to play with! Looking at the yarn in the hank, I’d thought it was about 75% gray and 25% pink, but once I started working with it, it was closer to a 50/50 split. Fine with me: it looked great in the shawlette.


I like the shawlette both from a distance and up close.

Getting gauge was a bit more of a struggle. I really am a tight crocheter, it seems. I had to go up to a 7.0 mm hook, and when the only one I had turned out to hate the yarn, I bought another and pressed on. The extra yardage helped. I was able to fit in another row, and this time I remembered to add the final row before starting the edging. It makes the top edge smooth rather than with little corner points poking up. I’ll have to test this further, but I think if I reserve 20% of my yarn, that will be enough to work the final row and the edging on future shawlettes.


Shawlette in action.

Yes, “future shawlettes.” I’m plotting more of them. Just not right this moment. Maybe one in green? Purple? Green and purple? (I have a yarn with both those colors in it.)


Fortune’s Shawlette (gray/pink)
Pattern: Fortune’s Shawlette
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock
Color: Once Upon a Time
Hook: 7.0 mm


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