Making all the things

I had a lot to blog about when I was doing small projects and finishing them one after another in short succession. Now I’m working on several larger projects and haven’t remembered to say anything about them. (I knew my productivity would drop when I stopped having those weekly conference calls at work!) So, an introduction to the current projects:


Although Passeggiata turned out to be a lovely shawl—after five restarts—I was disappointed that it wasn’t as semicircular as I’d thought it would be. I read up on the construction of semicircular shawls (thank you, new edition of Vogue Knitting) and Randomicity is how I’m putting that into practice. I’m delighted to report that at about 80% done, this shawl has gone beyond semicircular and is more of a major sector.*


I saw this sweater at Shepherd’s Harvest back in 2010. I bought the pattern, bought yarn, and then, for whatever reason, didn’t start the project. Almost a decade later (eek!), it finally felt like the right time to get going on it. Honestly, I hadn’t even realized the pattern had cables until I began knitting it. You knit the back and the fronts as one piece, so it started slowly, but now that I’ve divided for the armholes, it’s going much faster. If I don’t bog down on the sleeves, I might even get it done by this fall (!).

Kalari Shawl

A few weeks ago, I needed a small, mindless project. By this point, neither Randomicity nor Highlander were small, and while Randomicity is pretty straightforward, I need to pay attention to Highlander. The Kalari Shawl was both simple (garter stitch and increases, with a row of yarnover holes to add visual interest) and would use up this nice cake of Knit Circus Trampoline that I’d gotten at Vogue Knitting Live! back in 2016. If this shawl wears well, I may be making more, since it does a lovely job of showing off a gradient.

Sunshower Shawl

I rarely participate in knit-alongs, but I saw this being advertised on Jimmy Beans Wool’s site last year and thought I’d try it. This is a shawl on an installment plan. It’s going to go into next year because I probably won’t get the last shipment of yarn until late in December, and it could very well be January before I finish it.

Left to right: Highlander, Randomicity, Kalari Shawl, Sunshower Shawl

I have to finish something—anything—because I want to start another three or four projects, and I cannot afford to give in to this temptation.

*Pac-Man shaped. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Making all the things

  1. ::sigh:: I actually spent this morning ogling the Pebble Beach Shawl, but recognized I just don’t have it in me. I also discovered that when i deactivated my designs, there’s no way for me to go back in and print those .pdf for myself. That means I lost a lot of work. It’s a grief, but not a terrible one. There’s a part of me that misses the rhythm and comfort of knitting, but I feel so overwhelmed mentally when I approach the reality of starting something. Your shawls are all gorgeous. 🙂


    1. Given how busy your life sounds, I’m not surprised that knitting just isn’t calling to you. But for the patterns that were deactivated, might it be possible that Ravelry (I assume we’re talking about Ravelry) could find them and export them for you if you asked? And thank you.


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